Listify Tuesday #31: Know I’ll Love But Haven’t Read Yet

Hey, everybody! Welcome back to another Listify Tuesday post. If you don't know what this is, twice a month on a Tuesday I list out 5 books that fit under a category that you can find in the title of the blog. This topic came from JessetheReader on Youtube (check him out if you haven't …

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Listify Tuesday #28: Loved But Don’t Own

Hey everybody! I'm back again with another Listify Tuesday post. Today we're talking about books that I've and loved but I don't own a copy of them! I personally think this is a crime and I'm out on a mission to buy myself a copy of all of these books. Dumplin' by Julie Murphy would be on this list …

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Listify Tuesday #17: Favorite Male Characters

Hey, everyone! How are you today? Like I said last week, this week's post would be about my favorite male characters across all genres. I'm purposely not included my bookish boyfriends because well... That's too easy and I already have a post about that. So let's go 1. Noah Czerny The reason why I like …

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