May Book Haul

Hey, everybody! Just to clarify now, there will not be wrap-up or TBR for May and June because once again, I didn't read anything in May so there's really nothing to talk about. But I just finished a book today (the day I'm writing this) so there will be a wrap-up for June luckily. The …

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Listify Tuesday #29: Look-A-Like Covers

Hey everyone and welcome back to another Listify Tuesday! Today we're talking about book covers that look similar to each other. This is my personal opinion, and I'm not saying its a bad thing either; most of these covers are absolutely beautiful and fit their stories perfectly (or so I think). So without further ado, …

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Listify Tuesday #28: Loved But Don’t Own

Hey everybody! I'm back again with another Listify Tuesday post. Today we're talking about books that I've and loved but I don't own a copy of them! I personally think this is a crime and I'm out on a mission to buy myself a copy of all of these books. Dumplin' by Julie Murphy would be on this list …

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