Rip It or Ship It Tag

Hey, everybody! How are you today? I am back yet again with another tag and I'm excited about it. I found this tag on malanielovesfiction's blog where she unofficially tagged me (and everyone else, haha). If you don't know what this tag is, I'll explain it to you or you can go find a Youtube …

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January Releases

Hey, everyone! I am back with a post dedicated all to books coming out in January. I've heard that there's a lot and a lot of them look good. Let's get started with 8 books that I'm excited to be released this month. Still Me by Jojo Moyes (Me Before You #3) Release Date: January 30, …

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Listify Tuesday #20: Movie Adapatations I Need To Watch

Hello everyone! Welcome back to another edition of Listify Tuesday, a weekly series where I give you a list of 5 things that fit the topic. This week's topic is movie adaptations that I still need to watch. I may have to do a part two to this one because I am really bad at …

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