August Wrap-Up + September TBR

Hey, everybody! I haven't posted a blog post in a while and that is because it has already happened... School started on the 16th of August and it has already gotten in the way of my posting. It makes me upset but it's the truth and I'm going to take it in. I'm not reading, …

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My Thoughts During ‘Round Midnight

Hey, everybody! I know one time I told you guys that I write down nearly all my thoughts in my phone notes while reading books. These come from when I love a scene, hate a character's actions, predict something, really anything. But that does mean there will be SPOILERS. So beware if you want to read …

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Listify Tuesday #32: Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once

Hey everybody! Welcome back to another Listify Tuesday posts. Basically, every other Tuesday (so twice a month) I post a Listify Tuesday which follows a topic that I choose 5 books for that fit it. Today's topic is actually one from Goodreads and that is Books That Everyone Should Read At Least Once. I just …

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