Review Policies

My Review Policy & Contact:

General Info

I am currently accepting Young Adult, Middle Grade, self-published books, and indie press books for review. You can send e-mails to I accept print ARCs, finished copies, and e-books. If the book is apart of a series that I have not read yet, I may request the previous book(s). I am NOT accepting audiobooks. Review requests for these books will not receive a reply.


You can check and see if your book is on my TBR list. If its there then definitely reach out to me, I want to read it! You can also check my review index to get an idea of what I like to read.

I accept YA and MG in the following genres:

  • Contemporary
  • Fantasy
  • Dystopian
  • Fairytale/myth retellings
  • Paranormal
  • Mystery/Thriller
  • Memoirs/Modern Biographies
  • “Issue” books (cancer diagnoses, mental illness, etc.)
  • Poetry/Free Verse novels
  • Short stories compilations
  • Historical fiction
  • Non-fiction

I am NOT accepting books in the following genres:

  • Gothic horror/romance
  • Political
  • Preachy religious fiction


I write reviews for almost every book I read. A shorter and brief review will also be posted on Goodreads and Amazon linking back to the longer and fuller blog review. My reviews are based off pure opinion and are not meant to be literary critiques. They are fair and honest so that does not mean all are positive. If I don’t like a book my review for it will reflect that. I do NOT though, write snarky or nasty commentary about the author.

If I do not finish a book, I will most likely post an explanation as to why I DNF. These, though are not reviews and will include why I did not finish, what page I got up to, and if I plan on picking it up again.

Review Structure

All reviews will include the following:

  • Cover art
  • Book stats: Title, author, series, genres, date published, retail price
  • Star rating
  • The review (non-spoiler)
  • Favorite Quotes

Star Rating:

5 stars = I LOVED this book.

4 stars = I really enjoyed this book but wasn’t my absolute favorite, but I liked it.

3 stars = I liked this book overall but there were enough things to bother me that affected my enjoyment.

2 stars = I liked a few parts but a significant number of things negatively impacted my enjoyment of the book.

1 star = I didn’t like this book at all.

Half star ratings are also used. Ratings are based on my personal enjoyment and are not meant to be objective ratings.


I am happy to host a giveaway for you! My criteria for hosting giveaways is the same as for review books. Please refer to the genre and book format requirements for review books.

Entries will be compiled using Google Docs and the winner will be chosen using

If you would like me to host a giveaway for a book, please be sure to include the following information in the request:

  • Title and Author
  • The format of the book (ARC, hardcover, paperback, e-book)
  • Shipping requirements (the US, US/CA, International)
  • Runtime of giveaway
  • Any additional information (picture of prize, blurb, is it signed? etc.)


Thank you to for having an amazing Review Policy page for me to base mine on.


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