August Wrap-Up + September TBR

Hey, everybody! I haven’t posted a blog post in a while and that is because it has already happened… School started on the 16th of August and it has already gotten in the way of my posting. It makes me upset but it’s the truth and I’m going to take it in. I’m not reading, I’m not watching Booktube videos, I’m not posting on Bookstagram, I’m not posting on my book blog, I need to get back in my book groove. So I’m starting with my August wrap-up (which is underwhelming). So let’s get started.

August Reading Wrap-Up

Like I said… Underwhelming. I read… 1 book. Which has been a common trend for this year so it’s better than nothing. Let’s see what it was…

The Things They Carried by Tim O’Brien

6910629This one isn’t that big of a success to me though because I had to read it for school. But at the same time it is a big success because even though I read it for school, I didn’t hate it! I actually really enjoyed this book even though it was a classic. But (like I seem to say with every classic) it wasn’t your typical classic, at all. It wasn’t even your typical war story. It had so much more meaning and so much more story and personality behind it. I actually really enjoyed it.

Rating: 4/5 stars | Review | Goodreads




August Posts

I did less as good posting this month as I did in July but I still put a couple of posts up so here they are…

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September TBR

Like it has been all of 2018, I am just in a horrible reading slump that doesn’t seem to be going away. So I am not going ambitious at all and still trying to finish my June TBR. So that’s fun. Another book will be added to this but I’m not sure when that will be since it’s an outside reading project for class.

Ask the Passengers by A.S. King

13069935I actually finished this book today! (I’m writing this on the 9th). But I can’t include it in the August wrap-up part cause I didn’t finish it in August, you feel? But I won’t talk about how I feel about it just yet and leave that until later. This book is about a girl named Astrid who is in love with a girl but isn’t sure if she’s gay. She also hasn’t told anyone, she hasn’t even admitted it to the girl she’s in love with. This book is so good and makes you think about so many things you usually don’t.





Binge by Tyler Oakley

916qvngy1flLike I said, I’m still finishing my June Pride Month TBR. So that means I will be starting Binge tonight! I have been wanting to read this one for a while as I loved Tyler Oakley when I was a bit younger. I don’t watch him as much now but I’m hoping it will help me get back into his videos and learn more about him and his journey. Tyler is such an inspiration to so many people including me especially with him being gay and being such a big part of the LGBTQ+ community.






That’s all for today, folks! Keep in touch in a couple of days for my August book haul! What books did you read in August? Did you enjoy them? Was it a good reading month?



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