July Book Haul (My 200th Post!)

Hey, everybody! I actually purchased quite a few books in July and I didn’t actually mean to. One was even given to me. But before I get into that, I want to celebrate my 200th blog post!!!

200th Blog Post Appreciation Ramble Thing

Oh my gosh everybody! I have written 200 blog posts on my blog since I started um… two or three years ago. This is so crazy to think because I feel like I never post so how are we already here? Blogging about books is actually something I’ve never stopped wanting to do. I’m not too comfortable being in front of a camera in front of people to see so I think to be behind this screen, talking about the same things I would on camera, makes me so happy. I have never felt stressed about posting on here because I know that it’s truly just a hobby that I enjoy a lot. Even though I’m not reading a lot recently, this blog still keeps me connected to my love of books and reading that I don’t feel so down about being in a reading slump. Anyway, I just want to thank you all for supporting me. I know my blog isn’t that big but there are enough of you that I know a lot of your blogs by name that you comment on my of my posts and I cannot thank you enough for supporting me through 200 entire posts. That’s crazy, thank you.


On to my July Book Haul…

Now, I have to go count up how many books I bought this month. And the number is… 5 books! Which is actually quite a few for me but kind of average for this year. Anyway, let’s get into these books which are all amazing!

Starflight by Melissa Landers


Guess where I got this book from… Just guess… I got it from Dollar Tree! Isn’t that crazy? This book was only a dollar! Anywhere I see books I obviously have to go check out the collection and I saw three copies of this sitting on the shelves. Might I say, I was shook. I never expected such a well-known book to be in Dollar Tree. Not saying anything about Dollar Tree or the book but, it was kind of crazy to see so obviously I snatched it up.




Station Eleven by Emily St. John Mandel


I found this book along with the next two in a store in Oklahoma called Walls. It basically has all the leftover products from stores that had damage done to them. So, of course, there was a book section that I just had to check out and I found three books including this one. I had heard of this one a lot on Bookstagram and Booktube but I had never really heard a description of it so I read the synopsis in the store and let me just say… This book sounds phenomenal. I’ve never heard anything like it! And to be following musicians and artists? I love it! So excited to read this one.



The Last Star by Rick Yancey


Yes… I’ve already read this book… Yes… I don’t own the first two books in this trilogy… Yes… I did need it that I bought with no question (actually… My dad bought it). And it was a hardcover! But, since I have this one, I have the excuse to buy the first books whenever I see them for cheap. One thing nonbook lovers don’t understand is that we are book collectors. That means we want to own all the books regardless of our previous status with them.



Carve the Mark by Veronica Roth


Although this one is very controversial, I still loved Roth’s Divergent trilogy and I’m hoping this one’s writing will be just as good. I also didn’t look into the controversy so I want to see if I see the controversy in it too and how exactly I feel about it. I may be able to get past it or may not even notice it but we’ll just have to get there and see first. Don’t comment about it either! I do believe in separating artists from their work and if I have to apply that to this too, I will.



Michelle Obama in her Own Words by Michelle Obama


So this past June my grandmother passed away and my mom went back to New York to help clear out some stuff from her apartment. My grandmother was actually an avid book reader so my mom brought some of my grandmother’s books back and gave this one to me. I was so excited to see it because my mom knows how much I love the Obamas. This woman is beyond amazing and I can’t wait to read about her. I’m simply excited to own a book about her.




That’s all for today, folks! Those are the five books I got in July and how/where I received them. Have you read any of these books? How do you rate them and give me a little of your thoughts? No spoilers though!



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