Listify Tuesday #26: Quick Reads

Hey everybody! Welcome to another editin of Listify Tuesday. This week I am talking all about books that I read really quickly and think you will too. So let’s get started with 5 quick reads.

1. To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before

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This one may just be me because of how much I loved this book, but I honestly believe that this particular contemporary is very fast paced because its fun and funny and cute. It’s not so serious but still deals with so many important topics of growing up as a teenager that you just fly through it.






2. Hollow City

IMG_408A7E252C23-1Since this one was the second book in the trilogy, it was so easy to fly through this one just trying to find out what’s going to happen next. Especially since the second book starts off exactly where the first book ended made it so easy to fall in to.





3. Lemons

You saw it here first! I haven’t posted this one on Instagram yet

I think because of the main character’s many different adventures is what makes this one a quick read. Lemonade was to deal with a new family, new friends, a new town, all without her mother while also ending up hunting for Bigfoot. It’s so much to take in and you constantly want it to be solved.




4. Ready Player One

dpxlivww4aiyjtzThe pure imagination and research of the 80s put into this novel was what truly made it so easy to read. The made up adventure and world was so magical and beautiful that I just wanted to keep reading to see what else I’d find. (SIDE NOT I’M SCREAMING WHEN I WENT TO GET THE GOODREADS LINK I SAW THAT ERNEST CLINE IS WRITING A SEQUEL FOR THIS)




5. Winger

IMG_180E41676DA7-1Because this novel isn’t so serious and based primarily on the humor that comes from the thoughts of a teenage boy’s mind makes it such an easy read that you fly through it. The comedy and comics and graphics make this book so enjoyable and easy.





That’s all for today, folks! I hope you enjoyed and continue to enjoy my Listify Tuesday posts. If you’d like to join along, just comment below and I’ll make it open for anybody to do.



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