Listify Tuesday #18: Bookish Confessions

Hey, everyone! How are you today? Today we are spilling my bookish secrets. Some have been featured in my previous posts but I am officially coming clean today.

1. I haven’t read the first Hunger Games book


I guess I should just say it now for every one of these confessions, but don’t shoot me! I had this thing about me when I was younger: if I had already seen the movie, I couldn’t read the book because I already knew what was going to happen. I had “learned” this about myself when it took me like, 3 months to read Twilight and then another 3 months to read New Moon. So I figured it would be the same for anything else. I also didn’t plan to read them because I had no idea what the series was about. But then my brother really wanted to see it so him and his girlfriend at the time took me to see it. So… That’s that.


2. I haven’t read a single Harry Potter book


Yes, the classic. The set of books that every book lover must read and has read, I haven’t. The sad thing is though, I don’t plan on reading them. There was a point in time where I thought I would, but I can’t bring myself to join the fandom this late in my reading career. This is kind of like number one, I have this thing about myself where I can’t do something once everyone else has, its like it’s too late (even though I know its not). The funny thing about this confession though is that, I know a lot about the Harry Potter world even though I haven’t read a single word of it.


3. I haven’t seen a single Harry Potter movie


That’s correct, it’s not that I haven’t read the books because I watched the movies like I said in #1. Even my brother is mad it me for this one. I’m sure its cinematic greatness, but I have this other thing… I can’t watch a movie before reading the book (unless I’m forced to). So I’m sure you see how that is working out for me.


4. I don’t watch Game of Thrones…


and I don’t plan on it either. No matter what, the premise does sound very interesting and I watched one episode and I was intrigued but, it’s not for me. This one is like an unspoken classic, everyone knows that they should read it or watch it at some point in their life. Except for me. Everyone speaks of how this series is just brilliant but I don’t think I’d ever be able to get through it. Also, they’re really intimidating because every book is so big. And like I said in number three, I can’t watch the show without reading the books.


5. I didn’t read the last two Twilight books

This was kind of mentioned earlier in the post but yes… I haven’t read the last two books because it took me 6 months total to read Twilight and New Moon. So I figured, why go on when I know its going to take too long? I don’t know if this one is so gasp worthy but it once was a very popular series so I thought I’d include it. I might continue one day though.

That’s all for today, folks! I hope you don’t hate me too much after this post. It is true, we are all different, even in our reading life. So, to make me feel better, comment some of your embarrassing, unbelievable bookish confessions. – Kambria


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