Listify Tuesday #17: Favorite Male Characters

Hey, everyone! How are you today? Like I said last week, this week’s post would be about my favorite male characters across all genres. I’m purposely not included my bookish boyfriends because well… That’s too easy and I already have a post about that. So let’s go

1. Noah Czerny

The reason why I like Noah so much is because he’s just innocent and likable. First of all, he’s a ghost. That makes him really cool. Also, he’s really sweet to Blue and I think it’s their friendship that’s so strong that makes me like him so much. We were never given a reason as to not like Noah, so there’s also that.


2. Grandpa Charlie


The main reason why this character meant so much to me, was because at the beginning of the novel, I really disliked him. He didn’t really have much character development, I feel, but him and the main character eventually grew to have feelings and love each other to point in which I loved and enjoyed so much. I understand him after a couple of pages after learning his story.


3. Atticus Finch


Atticus is probably the best fictional dad in all of bookish history. His form of teaching and his relationship with his kids is so smart so that they learn so young. I wish more parents raised their kids like this, then and now, to not judge people and to have them to be so educated already.


4. Max Vandenberg


If you read my review for The Book Thief, you might understand how much I love Max Vandenberg. Max is amazingly smart and talented although he only has a slight chance to show us this. Also, his relationship with Liesel is phenomenal. I loved the bond that they formed that helped lift each other up and they both worked to be the best they could be.


5. Bo


I think this one will be obvious as to why I like him; he didn’t judge Willowdean for her size. Its simple guys like this, who can like whoever they like, that are my favorites. His reassurance for her is really positive for me, and I feel like every girl no matter what size needs a guy like Bo.

That’s all for today, folks! A lot of these books are more recent reads (I even had to look through Goodreads to remember books I read this yar). So yeah, I think that’s it.


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