Listify Tuesday #16: Favorite Female Characters

Howdy folks! How are you today? Today I will be talking about my favorite female characters across any genre of books. If you could guess, my next post will be my favorite male characters so stay tuned next week for that.

1. Lara Jean Song

Of course my first thought was the lovely Lara Jean Song. How could I not include her? She’s literally in my all time favorite contemporary series ever. She’s so inspired and motivated and quirky and smart and just amazing. I honestly wish I had even a third of the amazing qualities that Lara Jean has. She also isn’t perfect and has a lot of flaws and isn’t always the hero in her own story. She has messed things up and she’s jumped to conclusions yet she can get back up from them. I mean, she’s one of the huge reasons (besides Peter Kavinsky) why I loved all of these books so much.


2. Lemonade Liberty Witt


If you’ve read my review for this book, you understand why I love Lemonade so much. She’s witty and uses that wit to stick up for herself and the people she cares for. She also doesn’t let other people set her standards and basically, she does what she wants. And just like her name she makes lemonade out of huge sour lemons because she is mature despite her age and knows how to grow up and handle situations even if that wasn’t her intentions in the first place.


3. Offred


Now I haven’t finished this book yet and its very possible that in these last 50 pages Offred as a character could crash and burn for me but so far, Offred is amazing. Just like Lemonade she’s very for herself and how she wants things even in this horrible world she lives in. She’s not selfish and she has feelings and she’s super smart. To be honest, what really catches me about Offred, I couldn’t really tell you. I just really enjoy reading her story.


4. Liesel Meminger


How could someone not like our adored book thief? First of all, she loves reading! She could have her very own book blog like me in this day and age. Second of all, she’s tough. How do you think she got these books? By batting her eyelashes and pouting? No, there’s a reason why she’s called a thief. Although she does occasionally have fear, she overcomes it for what she wants and what she believes in.


5. Willowdean Dickson


I think there’s an obvious reason why me, or anyone else, would like Willowdean. Body positivity! She’s a fat girl and she isn’t afraid to say it or show her body. This is one of the most different stories I’ve ever read and trust me, I still had some issues with Willowdean, especially with the way she treated her friends, but that just made her real. It’s very rare in young adult fiction that you find a plus size main character. So to have one, immediately put her on my list.

That’s all for today, folks! How do you like this format that I did? Should I continue it for these posts? Tell me down below. See you again soon – Kambria


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