Lemons ARC Review

29877903Author: Melissa Savage
Series: Standalone
Genres: Middle Grade, Mystery, Death, Historical
Published: May 2, 2017
Retail Price: $16.99 (Hardcover)
Rating: 3.5 stars


“What do you do when you lose everything that means anything?

Nine-year old Lemonade Liberty Witt doesn’t know the answer to that question, except what her mom taught her. When life gives you lemons, you make lemonade. But what if those lemons are so big that you forget how?

How do you make lemonade out of having to leave everything you know in San Francisco to move to the small town of Willow Creek, California and live with a grandfather you’ve never even met? In a town that smells like grass and mud and bugs. With tall pines instead of skyscrapers and dirt instead of sidewalks. Not to mention one woolly beast lurking in the woods.

That’s right, Bigfoot.

A ginormous wooden statue of the ugly thing stands right at the center of town like he’s someone real important, like the mayor or something. And the people here actually believe he’s real and hiding somewhere out in the pine filled forests.

How can anyone possibly be expected to make lemonade out those rotten lemons?

Everything is different and Lem just wants to go back home. And then she meets Tobin Sky, the CEO of Bigfoot Detectives, Inc. and sole investigator for the town. He invites her to be his Assistant for the summer and she reluctantly agrees. At least until she can figure out her escape plan.

Together, Lem and Tobin try to capture a shot of the elusive beast on film and end up finding more than they ever could have even imagined.” – Goodreads


Lemons is about a 10-year-old girl named Lemonade Liberty Witt whose mom has just passed. Lemonade is now moving to woodsy Willow Creek, California from bustling city life of San Francisco. This book is about a young girl who has to be mature and grow from the hardships that are put down on her with a new life with new family and friends and adventures, including Bigfoot. This book wasn’t brilliant, but it definitely was far from horrible although it did have its flaws. In short, it was a bit repetitive and I didn’t enjoy one of the main characters for the majority of the book but, it was laced with beautiful empowering quotes and lessons an amazing lead character and a thoughtful plot line of learning how to make sweet lemonade.

I did not like Tobin Sky, our second main character that Lemonade becomes friends with, for the majority of the book even though I thought and hoped I would. He only believed in what he wanted to and God forbid someone think some other way and have questions because he just would not have it, and I hated that. He complained a lot about complaining and I personally dislike hypocrites. But we do see great character development in him towards the end of the story that makes up for quite a few of his flaws in the beginning.

I loved Lemonade because there were so many similarities between me and her. Our firsts thoughts when something happens is always death (don’t ask), we both sneeze a lot and can be very sarcastic and witty. She’s great a comebacks and is so sassy, and when characters are appropriately sassy, they immediately become my favorite. She was also generally just a good and mature person for how young she was. She had a great connection to her mother and I feel like that made her very caring and open towards others. Just like a young emotional kid though she made a few dumb decisions that made me angry but I got over them. She accomplished so many things that I am just straight proud of her for.

As for our other characters, I enjoyed them all. Charlie, our grandfather was a quick like even though I didn’t think I would. Debbie, Tobin’s mom who was such an easy like. And every customer of Bigfoot Detective Inc..

This book is really sad. I did not end up crying but I teared up once and it just made me frown because at times a few sad sentences would just hit me right where they were supposed to. I smiled a sad smile so many times because of how mature Lemonade is. She has to understand such hard things at only 10. I like that any problems that happened weren’t just blown over and did have some consequences, whether or not they lasted long or not.

There is quite the plot twist that happened that was kind of breath-taking. I guessed it (only two pages before) but it made it the mystery genre that this book is said to be.

The ending made me so happy and it was so cute and fitting for the whole novel. Although Goodreads has it marked as historical, it is set in the 70’s but it is not an important factor to the book. This book is not only for middle grade readers, I would say anybody older would enjoy if they enjoy a book about friendship, adventures, learning to live and love, and getting over horrible hardships you never thought you could.

Favorite Quotes

*Quotes have not been checked with final copy.

“The wrinkles are so deep and twisty, each one like a road map to all different stories of her life.” – page 31

“‘Sometimes it takes a while to figure out just how to get the sweetest juice when they’re bigger than you expect. Bigger than what’s even fair.'” – page 42-43

“‘Just ’cause you don’t understand them doesn’t make them beasts or monsters!'” – page 63

“‘Life is the definition of loss. But it makes us grow, and it makes us stronger… have gratitude for those we love and those who love us.'” – page 129

“‘Because sometimes it’s the differences that are exactly what make us special.'” – page 223

“‘it’s the small battles that lead you to victory.'” – page 235


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