Listify Tuesday #11: Best Book-to-Movie Adaptations

Welcome back to Listify Tuesday! Today’s post is about my favorite movies that were first books. A few of these are in comparison to some that are just horrible but I did think a lot of these were pulled off really well.

1. Me and Early and the Dying Girl

me_and_earl_poster1 I really liked this adaptation because… I didn’t like the book. It seems crazy but its true… I liked the movie more than the book. I hate to say it but the book just lacked so much for me. I feel like the movie just showed the story and plot way better than the book did. The humor and nonchalant demeanor of the main character came off better and not just like I was reading a book with a bad author. Everywhere the book lacked for me, the movie excelled. I was able to see the friendship between Greg and Rachel rather than read it in a very boring, not caring way that Greg liked to use. And simply that made everything better for me. Yet, it also makes sense because the author, Jesse Andrews, is originally a screenwriter.


2. The Perks of Being a Wallflower

51vnn-m3ljl-_sy450_1 I think I like this one a lot because I saw the movie quite a few years before I read the book. I had already loved the movie before so no matter how the book was going to be (and it was great), I would still love the movie because I loved it first. Although the book end up being phenomenal, with its unique letter writing format and of course the little details that the movie just “can’t” add in, the movie caught all the right points that were really important to the overall moral of the story. This movie is happy and sad and somethings in between, I cried so of course I liked it. The characters were portrayed and cast so perfectly for how they were described in the book (except for Emma Watson’s short hair).



3. The Lovely Bones

lovely_bones_ver21 This movie did so many thing well in order that I really liked it. Also, just the movie itself was good apart from the book. So many things were taken out that I think were important but the things that were kept still gave you the same heartache and heart racing feeling that it was made up. Both the movie and the book were able to make you angry at our criminal that took what seems like such a sweet and innocent young girl. The movie was just as disturbing and upsetting that even though things were taken out, you still got every emotion that you would have reading the book. The only thing I wish is that we got more of the family’s interactions with each other that made the book just that much more plain sad.


4. The Fault in Our Stars

fault_in_our_stars_xlg1 Now to be honest, I read and saw this one a while back but I remember that I didn’t hate it. The cast was a great fit for each character and it was very heartwarming. Also, if I remember correctly, I think I cried in the movie instead of the book. This may have something to do with the fact that I sped read the book so I could finish it before my sister (which I don’t think I did), so I didn’t absorb the story line like I normally do. I want to reread and then rewatch the movie to see if it was done decently or not and get a real opinion on this because now that I’m typing this up… I really don’t know why I’m putting this on the list. Anyway, obviously it wasn’t completely horrible, so that’s a plus.



5. The Hunger Games

the-hunger-games-poster11 Okay, this is how we know that this list isn’t in order. The Hunger Games have some of the best movie developments I’ve ever seen. I can’t really speak for the first movie because well, if you read my June book haul, you know that I never read the first book. From friends that have I have heard that they left out some important things but the second, third, and fourth movies are mind blowing. No matter how much they had to diverge from the original plot line, the movies were brilliant. The action scenes were done beautifully and I mean, Jennifer Lawerence is one of the best actresses there is and having her as moody Katniss was the best decision ever. So props to casting.




This post was kind of all over the place with rambling mainly because I didn’t really know what to say, I just really liked these movies. That would have been easy to just say, but boring. So this is what you get. I also realized why some of my posts have their pictures deleted and now a lot of them are gone (: I’m angry at myself. Anyway – Kambria


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