Listify Tuesday #7: Favorite Book Covers

Hello everyone! As you may know, I am a lover of many things bookish. And among those bookish things is their beautiful covers. Boy oh boy do I love them a lot. These will specifically be the books that I have on my shelf unless that would be a very long list that I wouldn’t know how to choose. So without further hesitation, let’s get into it!


1. Gone Without A Trace by Mary Torjussen

31624992The cover for this book is so beautiful! The light purple and orange somehow mix so well together I never thought I’d like the two colors together but it really does work to give it a thriller-y tone. I love that the title connects with the title and the plot (based on the summary). I like how the line cuts between a clear vision to a blurry, fading vision because of how the girl’s boyfriend is suddenly completely missing. Especially since judging books by covers is a natural thing, it really draws me in to want to read this book as soon as I see it.


2. The Kiss of Deception by Mary E. Pearson

16429619I love the forest shade of green, so having it being used in a book cover is even better. Paired with the silver lettering for the title is absolutely beautiful. I love the stance of the girl, how she’s facing away from and doesn’t mess up the imagination of her face and description. Then we have our other two characters who we don’t know who is who in the background; the assassin and the prince.






3. Eleanor & Park by Rainbow Rowell

71lklmxqgjlI love minimalist covers, especially if they have a good meaning that connects with the book, like this one. The light color background is perfect for a romantic contemporary book, the characters with their backs to us (to not ruin any face creativity) but the headphones that connect Eleanor and Park together in the book. It’s such a cute concept to incorporate into the cover.







4. Anna and the French Kiss by Stephanie Perkins

71n-haxibzlAgain for minimalist covers! This cover gives you exactly what the book is going to be about. The pink color is a natural sign for a possible romance. So is the heart at the end of title. The Eiffel Tower in the background immediately tells you where the setting is placed and adds more romance because Paris is the city of love! (right).


5. It’s Kind of a Funny Story by Ned Vizzini

funny_story_frontAs you’ve heard me say this whole post, I love covers that connect to the story. This cover connects to the book so well, I couldn’t believe it until I actually read it. The whole map making that the main character likes to do is directly put into the cover. I’m sure that’s not a spoiler (I hope). The map concept is put into the workings of the head and brain that seems to be the concept of the whole story as it deals with mental health and a psychiatric hospital.





Again, this is not in any specific order, it’s just how I put them together as I chose which ones I wanted to mention. Do you have a favorite book cover(s)? Are any of them mentioned here? Comment below – Kambria


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