Listfy Tuesday #6: Fictional Boyfriends

Hello everyone! As you may know, I am a lover of many things bookish. And among those bookish things is fictional boys. Boy oh boy do I love them a lot. I’ve tried hard to keep this list down to only 5 over the past few months but we’ll see what it’s at today… So without further hesitation, let’s get into it!


1. Tadashi Hamada

Now I know, this boy here is not necessarily from a book, but he is (sadly) fictional and I am in love with him. Again, now I know, he isn’t around for long in Big Hero 6, but he’s there enough that I just so easily fell in love with him and his wit and smartness and care for his younger brother and the people he loves. I also knew how much I loved him because of how hard I cried in the first 15 minutes of the movie (Big Hero 6 by the way if you didn’t know) when we lost him (this isn’t a spoiler, it literally happens in the first 15 minutes of the movie).

2. Richard Gansey III

From my last Listify, you may know that I love Gansey for his intelligence and his attractiveness. In The Raven Boys books (I’ve only read the first two) he’s such a natural leader that I just look to him to be so strong although he does have his natural flaws. I don’t know what it is about his leadership and intelligence and strong facade that makes me to attracted to his character. Maybe it’s also the ways that he also protects the people who loves and aims so much to take care of them that I love his caring heart.


3. Peter Kavinsky

Now, this one is kind of out-of-place from everyone else I feel like. Peter is not like the other boys here on this list. He’s more… naturally rude and not immediately caring like the other ones. But, that’s only how he originally comes off. He actually is caring once he finds something to care for, and he has feelings for things you don’t think he does and it makes me so sad when his feelings are hurt for this exact reason. He puts up this facade because of a few things he’s gone through growing up that I love when we see the real him.


4. Etienne St. Clair

This is where you might see a trend… Smart… Beautiful… Caring… Has feelings… The only difference of this one is he has an accent. That is one of the many reasons why I love Etienne along with the first few things mentioned. He has this air of him in the book that is so confident that its hard not to notice him in my eyes. He struggles in this book with emotion that is so real that he became so real to me while reading that I couldn’t believe he would be gone once the I finished the book.


5. Ronan Lynch

Ah! A bad boy is added to the group. Someone please tell me why I am in love with Ronan Lynch! Someone please tell me why I am in love with two boys from the same book! Someone please tell me why I am in love with a boy who has a pet raven and loves to punch people! I do know that I love his sarcasm and his buzzcut cause that’s not often a feature of YA males (again, unless I’m reading the wrong books). Ronan is funny and rude and I find it to be alarmingly calming.


6. Joey Consentino

The most displaced one of this list though is this here beautiful boy Joey Consentino. Why? Because Joey here is gay. Yep. He likes boys and would not like me if he was real. So… Someone please tell me why I’m in love with gay guys! Why am I in love with this one? He’s really tall and athletic, and I knew that before I knew he was gay. And he’s really cute, caring, and honest. I love honesty, not even kidding. He sets his best friend Ryan Dean straight so many times and tried to make sure he didn’t make such stupid decisions that I loved his natural caring nature.

*(I literally can’t find any pictures of the cartoons with Joey in them and I don’t have any on my phone and don’t feel like taking them and uploading  them to my computer I’m sorry)*

That’s all for today and my fangirling! This may one of my longest Listifies yet as I also have 6 things on my list haha. I’m also trying to make each of these posts longer so it has meaning behind it. Tell me down below, do you agree with any of my choices? If not, who are you in a fictional relationship with? – Kambria


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