Listify Tuesday #5: Favorite Characters

Hello everyone! I saw this on Regan from PeurseProject’s Youtube channel where she talked about her All Time Favorite Characters (at the time). I’d thought that’d be such a cool idea to bring to this blog and try it out. So without further hesitation, let’s get into this list.


1. Lara Jean Song

I love this quirky girl, one of the reason’s why her books are my favorite. From the To All the Boys I’ve Loved Before trilogy, Lara Jean Song is everything I want in a best friend. She’s creative and even bakes treats, what more could you ask for?! She’s funny and the perfect representation of a teenager who over thinks too many things. I relate to her in her love for boys (although I don’t write letters to them). I also love her love for her own family and how much she cares for her sisters and dad no matter how much any of them may get on her nerves. She’s been through a lot of things and is still a strong (although growing) teen. (TATBILB review | PSISLY review)


2. Sloane McIntyre

Because of the premise behind Sloane’s book, I love her as a character. She learns to over come things that don’t define her and live her summer and really, the rest of her life the way she wants it to be. Dealing with some rough things, she has to learn how to block them out enough to continue her summer without distractions that may ruin it. Something that’s not that isn’t actually that easy, she does with the help of advice from her mom and dad. She’s another family person which is a plot I enjoy so much as it is real as she goes through these motions with her parents and twin brother. (Review)


3. Grady Katz-McNair

A strong character standing up for who he believes he really is and not letting anybody, no matter who they are, bring him down from that. Again, a character that deals with a relatively hard time and has to get through as it is a coming-of-age story about being a transgender teenager and how people judge you and don’t understand that you’re just being you. Dealing again with family issues and friend issues, Grady is a strong character that isn’t going to let anyone get in the way of something that is so serious and dear to him.


4. Richard Gansey III

A really smart and funny boy set in a magical world where he’s on an adventure to uncover some weird stuff with his friends. What could be better! And he’s absolutely beautiful? Even better. But besides attractiveness, I love that Gansey is smart. Like, genuinely intelligent and loves to put time and effort into learning no matter what it is. That’s actually a feature you don’t see too often in Young Adult fiction males (or I’m reading the wrong books). There are a lot of things about Gansey that I like that I mentioned above, but I think my favorite is that he doesn’t like to go by Richard so no one can call him Dick. (This is also just things from the first two books by the way). (TRB review | TDT review)


5. Sharhzard

I don’t know her last name! But from The Wrath & The Dawn. This girl is so smart and witty and its seen throughout the whole novel. I’m so envious in her finessing skills although I can’t say too much about them without giving away the whole novel but she uses her skill so well that you fall in love with the words and the stories that she tells to Khalid and a lot of the people around her. She’s a natural-born persuader and has such a way with words that I so easily fell in love with her character. (Review)


That is all that I have for you today folks! I hope you enjoyed this one because I actually really enjoyed writing it. I’m noticing that a lot of my answers appear in a lot of my Listifies (like TATBILB and Maggie Stiefvater and Summer of Sloane) haha, I’ll need to narrow my topics a bit more. Tell me down below if you agree with any of my choices? If not, who is your favorite character or all time? – Kambria


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