Introducing Listify Tuesday


Hello everyone! I am here to introduce you to Listify Tuesday that I will be doing on my blog here. Every Tuesday, I will be giving you a new favorite (or even least favorite) list of 5 things. These lists can relate to books or not (but will more often will). Its a way to add diversity to my blog and also to post more cause we all know I suck at that.

The fun thing is that I will even take list suggestions from you all! If you want to see a list up on my blog or simply want to suggest something for me, you can leave it right down in the comments. Starting Tuesday, December 13, I will begin putting lists out there (hopefully) every week. I will also do a lot of pre-made lists so I hopefully won’t miss a week.

The even better part about it is, I want to involve everyone! If you want to put a list of your on here, e-mail me at with your idea and list with everything you want to involve in it. I’ll post it on the next available time.

I hope this all works out and that you like it. That’s all I have for this introduction post, see you soon! – Kambria


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