I Lost My Book…

October 30, 2016

October ends tomorrow and might I just say now, I will have a very sad wrap-up. So here’s the story;

School has been raging on. Tests, quizzes, and homework never seem to stop coming. That also means at this point, I have no time to read and when I do have time, I’d rather sleep or watch Grey’s Anatomy (because its gonna take me five years to finish if I don’t watch at least one episode every 2 days). At this point, I haven’t look at my book The Kiss of Deception in two weeks. I have not laid my eyes on because my eyes have been on homework, the back of my eyelids, and McDreamy.

Last night, I decide I’m going to read after I eat dinner so I can maybe finish it before November comes with a lot of marathon reading over the following two days. I go to dig into my backpack to pull it out and… its not there. I try to stay calm as I go and look other places. My backpack that I took to Six Flags? Nope. With my messy scrap-booking tray? Nope. Behind my couch where I scrap-booked? Nope. In a different pocket of my school backpack? Nope. In my nightstand drawers? Nope. In my desk cabinet? Nope. Then I text my dad asking if its in his car that we drove down to Texas in. Its not in there either. I sit down and finally let it sink in as I tell my mom, “I really lost my book.”

But it is okay. I will do everything I can to find my book (like look in school) and my favorite bookmark that a little kid made and let me keep at the library. Until then, I will start a new book; Anna and the French Kiss which I have been dying to read for the longest time now.

Has something like this ever happened to you? If so, tell the story in the comments, I’d love to read about it! Until next time, I’m Kambria… Peace!



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