Blurryface Book Tag

Hello everyone! So waaaay back when on my Instagram, John @jbook16 tagged me to do the Blurryface book tag which is based on Twenty One Pilots’ latest album, Blurryface, which I love oh-so much. I always pushed it back because I thought I was going to be doing it on the Booktube channel that I never made. So now, without any further hesitation, let’s get to my very first book tag on here!

bfbtHeaveydirtysoul Pick a character who’s bad with a dark backstory but you can’t help but want to save



Athan from Demigods & Monsters, specifically the second book. Yes this is a bit of a spoiler but because of what we found out about him, I still feel bad for him with how Hope is treating him. I feel really bad that he can’t really help his family life and past whether or not he seems bad or good.

Tear in my Heart Pick a book that broke your heart and left a huge tear in it


Allegiant for a very big unsaid reason. It left me crying for the longest time. And then my sister was flipping through and I started crying again. It was bad and I’m still not okay.

Doubt Pick a book that you doubted but now you love


I actually don’t think I have a book for this. So what I am going to do is a book / series that I am doubted and am scared to read that I fear I won’t like and that is The House of Night series which my sister got me for Christmas two years back.

We Don’t Believe What’s On TV Pick your fave dystopian


I think I can easily say my favorite dystopian is the Divergent series. Yes, cliche but I don’t care. The first book sucked me in with all its details and although so many people don’t like the third book, it had me pretty much hooked until the end of the last book too.

Message Man Pick your fave side character


I think I may say this a lot, but I love Chris from To All The Boys I’ve Loved Before by Jenny Han. She is so funny and sarcastic and brutally honest that she reminds me of myself. I loved reading and learning about her in the two books

Fairly Local Pick an under hyped book that you love


I may have also said this one a lot but I love Summer of Sloane and not enough other people like it. It has good self confidence and put-yourself-first theme to it and a fluffy romance as well although it does deal with cheating and is very dramatic.

That’s it for today! I hope you enjoyed this tag. I’m sorry if I didn’t pick your fave books. And comment down below what your answer to these questions are – Kambria


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