Sophomores and Other Oxymorons Review

Author: David Lubar
: Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie
: Young Adult, Contemporary, Humor
Published: August 18, 2015
Retail Price
: $17.99 USD
: Borrowed from library
: 4.5/5 stars



A great, easy, and relatable read about a sophomore in high school named Scott Hudson that’s going through yet another tough year,  but in many different ways. This is the second book to Sleeping Freshman Never Lie and I certainly enjoyed this one a lot more. I felt I learned a lot as Scott was learning about school and living life.

Happy belated 1st birthday to SaOO! How cool that I was reading this book the day it turned one.


This is the second book in a series / companion so do not move on if you have not read the first book Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie.


This book was much more enjoyable to read since there are no stereotypes about sophomores like there are freshmen. This allowed Scott’s character to feel more like his own since I hadn’t seen so many versions of him already when he was a freshman. I learned more about Scott than in the first book because he had a character or arrogance that he had to build on in this second novel. This caused the character development that I love oh so much in books. Scott grew a lot from day 1 to the last day of school and I wouldn’t mind seeing how much more he grew if David were to write a third and a fourth novel about Scott’s junior and senior year.

The reading was easy no matter how many literary terms were thrown at you from the teacher or Scott’s mouth. It felt like a fast paced read also because of the humor that had me laughing, very hard. But because of the new (at least new to me) figures of speech that I saw so many times, I felt like I learned a lot from this novel. I wish I had my own copy so that I could take a longer time to delve into some of the things Scott so easily learned.

It wasn’t mind-blowing brilliant, but it was a nice change from more serious topics of young adult fiction. So this is a short review.



I’m so happy for Scott and Lee. Although the outcome of their relationship is a bit far fetched from the high school relationships I know (seeming that they actually are in love and in a really good relationship), I still really enjoyed that journey to them finally dating and becoming a couple. It was nice to know that they weren’t rushing and totally unrealistic.

Wesley is the only unrealistic character of this story, I feel. I don’t think that its possibly for a teenager to get hired into such jobs so quickly as he did. It really reminded me of Trish from Austin & Ally…


Favorite Quote(s):

“I’d spent freshman year mastering the art of functioning without sleep” (4).

“The kid who had been de-cap-itated…” (18).

“fainting goats. If you shout at them, they ass out and drop” (22).

“‘write three interesting facts about yourself…’ I once ate a whole pepperoni pizza” (31).

“She saluted me over her shoulder with her middle finger. I took that as a sign of affection” (45).

“Crushes… [are] probably self-destructive delusions” (61).

“We learned in history about how… it was illegal to marry… another race… Talk about voting for stupid…” (223).

“‘It’s easy to hurt people when they can’t look you in the eye'” (260).

“It looked like dating wasn’t about what you did, but how you felt about what you did” (376).

“‘I never stalked Julia. I worshiped her from afar'” (396).



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