Parrotfish Review

Author: Ellen Wittlinger
Series: None
Genres: Young Adult, Contemporary, LGBTQ
Date Published: July 10, 2007
Retail Price: $17.99
Received: Library Borrow
Rating: 5/5 stars



A very fast-paced, everyday in the life of a newly found transgendered male, who was once female. All Grady wants to do is fit into high school, into his own family. But its not going to be easy.

The reason why I flew through this novel, is because it was so easy to read and I just wanted to continue reading so I could find out what the reaction was going to be. Being that this is just going through school and home life with Grady, its all about how people are going to react to Grady, who is transgendered. This book deals with such a controversial topic that needs to be talked about more. Teenagers in high school do make changes like this and are treated like this. I love learning about the different people and reactions to this type of situation.

There were so many characters that we were introduced to that I came to just love, and some that often made me a bit annoyed. One character that I loved was Kita Charles, first I just loved her heritage, and then I loved the way she handled and liked Grady for who he was. Another one of those characters is the Katz-McNair’s Dad, he doesn’t make a huge fuss out of who Grady wants to be from the beginning. But then there are other people, like the obvious high school mean girl who is just so easy to hate.

I love the meaning of the title. It made so much sense once it was brought up and explained. I really love the meaning of it and how it was brought into the story with the new friend that Grady makes.

“The stoplight parrotfish!'” (44).


I am very mad at Kita, no matter how much I love her. She made me very angry with the fact that she got back together with Russ… He was a good friend, but the way he continued to complain about something Kita cared about is not a good boyfriend. Yet, she still got back together with him when Grady cared so much for her.

I wish Grady stood up for himself more. I wish he tried “harder” to tell somebody off when they were rude to him. Danya calling him a “pervert” and “freak” and such in the cafeteria. The two idiots spilling milk down Grady’s shirt.


Favorite Quote(s):

“Sebastian’s room. Which was also huge, and also full of books” (143).

“I hadn’t realized I was [a] big… pack rat… ‘You never know what might be useful someday'” (168).

“But when I imagine my little scenes in my head, I make people speak ad if they weren’t afraid of what other people thought” (3).

“‘It’s kind of weird but what do I care? You’re not changing me‘” (33).

“an enormous place with more bookshelves than a bookstore… and [she] dove into a large book that had obviously been waiting on her return” (139).

“What made a person male or female, anyway?… What if some of those attributes pointed in one direction and some in the other?” (131).

“When Betsy put her big snout on Mom’s lap and looked up into her eyes, we all heard a sign of resignation” (285). I love dogs!!

“That what makes you miserable today will later on in life be a good story to tell your friends” (287).



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