Treacherous Shadows Review

Author: Jennifer Parr
Series: Avalon Valley
Genres: Young Adult, Romance, Fantasy, Dystopian
Date Published: March 29, 2016
Retail Price: $2.99 (Kindle)
Received: Sent by author
Rating: 3.5/5



Sixteen-year-old Aeria Morgan knows her life will be short. Since the Darkness fell two hundred years ago, brevity has staked its claim, especially on the childless. Aeria will die if she does not find love, and soon. But she and her Dviinu brother, Aeron, are outcasts, set apart from the rest of Avalon Valley because of their sordid family history and mysterious conception, and so Aeria has resigned herself to a loveless fate. It isn’t until Aeria meets village newcomer Lyam Trey that she learns that love is worth hoping for after all. As trouble mounts, can Aeria hold tight to what she’s found, or will she lose everything she thought she’d never have?

*Not a picture of the cover of Treacherous Shadows.


A sweet, heart-warming, and saddening romance for an outcast set in a dystopian land called Avalon Valley in the time after the Darkness. With a small, slow rising addition of fantasy, this novel is decently paced and may rip your heart to pieces just for love.

I will start to say thank you so much to the author, Jennifer Parr for sending me this!

Now to say that the romance is a super obvious case of insta-love, but there are no love-triangles. The love in this is almost sickening and it is also so very sad. Of course, an outcasts love is heart-wrenching because our main character Aeria finally has a chance and although you’re so happy for her, so often you become sad.

A certain thing that I certainly got over was the unique name spelling. At first, it bothered me and I had a difficult time getting through because I was trying to pronounce the normal names so weirdly. Aeria, Aeron, Lyam, Alahn, Shara, and Mahdii. But I guess it adds to the dystopian era and how these people are different than us now. Another thing I got past but tended to bother me was the chapter cut-offs. A scene would still carry on into the next chapter. This mainly bothered me because I usually take small breaks in between chapters and it would kind of confuse me when I started again.

I definitely enjoyed the slight character growth towards the end of the story and that makes me want to read the second book too see if it continues and grows and grows bigger and into a more mature person.

“Here’s the thing about fear: Once you conquer it, you are its master. It cannot control you unless you let it” (292).

The ending was disappointing but did leave a bit of potential for the second novel. Its not so much of a cliffhanger though that I’m begging for the next novel right this minute, you know? The story doesn’t build-up much for it anyway and I saw this a cute contemporary type fantasy / dystopian.


The insta-love was way too insta! I’m sure this whole novel takes place over a very short amount of time, so its a bit ridiculous the rate that Lyam and Aeria were falling in love with each other. It almost sickened me throughout most of the novel.

Nira, Aeria’s mother, needs to get over herself! Her un-trust in Aeria and Lyam’s relationship was so annoying! You would think that she would want this for her daughter for how her life has been this whole time. And I don’t see her posing any problem with Aeron liking Satrie, so what’s so wrong with Lyam? I personally really liked him.

Favorite Quote(s):

“Darkness–… A treacherous shadow…?” (14).

“Before I realize it, I’m wearing a smile I didn’t authorize” (163).


That was kind of a short review! I definitely enjoyed this novel though. Have you read it? What did you like? Do you plan on reading it? – Kambria



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