Catching Up Saturday May 28

Hello there my fellow book lovers! I am back today with another edition of Catching Up Saturday. If you don’t know, Catching Up Saturday is a series on my blog where (usually) every Saturday, I catch you guys up on what I’ve been doing in the time that I’ve been gone and such. This helps me stay connected with you guys and fills in some of the space left when I’m not writing reviews or choosing books from my TBR Jar. Let’s get into it!


Since I did not post last Saturday, I will be catching you guys up on a little bit more than just a week. So first of all, I had not been too active on my Instagram or my reading because I had been “studying” for finals. I put the quotation marks there because I didn’t actually study too much for them *insert nervous laughter here*. I really just did all of my study guides to the bare minimum and just did other things like finding old Disney Channel games online. But procrastinating and kind of studying stopped me a bunch from reading. So I have only just gotten really into reading All American Boys yesterday. (If you have not yet seen it, All American Boys was my TBR Jar pick).


On to the reading note with All American Boys, I am now pretty far into it, I only have around 100 pages left. That means I, if I read enough today, I will be done with it. And that means that I will have a review up for it hopefully but Sunday, if not, it will be up on Monday. Tuesday at the latest.

On a very bright note, I am finished with my freshman year of high school! School got out on Thursday and I am so excited to not have to do homework, wake up at 7:15 and go to class, be annoyed with the same people everyday. But I am excited to do a bit of travelling, read a lot, volunteer at my library, watch a lot of old and newer movies and just do nothing. That means that my reading will probably go up a bunch because I will be doing nothing but read while I’m bored at home.

That’s actually all that I have for you guys for this catch up session, so now I have a question for you… This mainly applies if you’re still in school; After all of the stress of last week finals and studying and not being able to do much of your own stuff, what are some of your favorite things to do on your summer vacation?

Peace out! – Kambria


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