TBR Jar #1: Childhood Read

I have restarted all of the TBR Jar! I threw all of the old ones in the trash because I notice its kind of hard to get and read titles that I don’t have on my shelves and are really popular because they aren’t in the bookstores and they aren’t at the library. So I am now starting a new TBR Jar series to match my new TBR Jar.

My first pick was “Childhood read” out of my new jar. For this book I have chosen The Girl Behind the Glass by Jane Kelley. I had just recently bought this book from Book Outlet because I loved this book as a kid. It was very vivid about 7 years ago when I read it because it is a paranormal low middle grade read. I am super excited to start it and reread it after all of these years and have a new look at it.

Here’s a synopsis:


The house on Hemlock Road used to be someone’s home. Until something happened. Something that even after 80 years, can never be forgotten or forgiven . . . .

Eleven-year-old twins Hannah and Anna agree about everything—especially that they don’t want to move to the creepy old house on Hemlock Road.

But as soon as they move into the house, the twins start disagreeing for the first time in their lives. In fact, it’s almost as though something or someone is trying to drive them apart.

While Anna settles in, Hannah can’t ignore the strange things that keep happening on Hemlock Road. Why does she sense things that no one else in the family does?  Like when the hemlock branch outside waves shush, shush. And at night, if she listens hard enough, it’s almost as though someone is trying to talk to her. Someone no one else can hear. Someone angry enough to want revenge. Hannah, are you listening?

Is the house haunted? Is Hannah crazy? Or does something in the house want her as a best friend—forever? (Goodreads)


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