Catching Up Saturday April 22nd

Hi everyone!

I have decided to start a new series called “Catching Up Saturday” so that I can post more and simply, catch up with you guys. These post will (obviously) come (hopefully) every Saturday and will include what I’m currently reading, how I like that book so far, maybe what I’ve bought or received. These can range in length from really long to really short. So let’s get on with my very first Catching Up Saturday.


So as you guys no from my last post and review, I finished reading Miss Peregrine’s Home for Peculiar Children by Ransom Riggs last week. I enjoyed it a lot (4/5), but I can ensure you I did not like how long it took me to read it. If you want to check out that review click here.

Now, I have started This Is What Happy Looks Like by Jennifer E. Smith and I am loving it so far. Its like all the contemporaries I love in the fact that it already has my feels through the rough on page 15. I am now on page 179 (of 404) and I’m just screaming, all the time. I really suggest you read this book if you are a fan of cute romance contemporaries and relationships that just fit together because that is this book. Ellie and Graham’s relationship is super unique from day, a definitely refreshing plot line.


I’m currently sick, so I’m not busy to where I couldn’t post anything so I’m starting this. As I said before, this will ensure that I will post more often because I am a slow reader so I don’t have too many reviews going up within a shorter period of time. I’m very excited to start this and I hope you enjoy them aswell.

To keep further in touch with me (aka see where I post more often) follow me on my bookstagram @youngbook.lover. Comment “Blog Fan” if you’re coming to my Instagram from here on this blog. That way I’ll know who you are.

Thank you so much, see ya later, I love you all

P.S. I’ve already cheated in writing this, I wrote one part last night on Friday *gasps everywhere*




    1. I’m very excited to read her other books after this one. Its such a cute contemporary (and I love contemporaries)!


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