Sleeping Freshmen Never Lie

by David Lubar (Published 2005)



Starting high school is never easy. Seniors take your lunch money. Girls you’ve known forever are suddenly beautiful and unattainable. And you can never get enough sleep. Could there be a worse time for Scott’s mother to announce she’s pregnant? Scott decides high school would be a lot less overwhelming if it came with a survival manual, so he begins to write down tips for his new sibling. Meanwhile, he’s trying his best to capture the attention of Julia, the freshman goddess. In the process, Scott manages to become involved in nearly everything, from auditioning for the school play to running for student council to writing sports columns for the school paper. While he tries to find his place in the confusing world of high school, win Julia’s heart, and keep his sanity, Scott will be recording all the details for his sibling’s–and your–enjoyment.

What I Liked:

The Writing Style.
It is different than most. The book is almost like a journal from Scott, to us with his real journal for his sibling in it as well. In many parts, he talks to us or as if we’re there (or as if we’re his sibling that’s on the way).

The Outcome.
It’s almost predictable if you’re that type of person. I didn’t predict that because of all the problems being put in Scott’s way, I almost thought that there wouldn’t be a happy ever after but there was! And it was one of those shocking ones. The girl that everyone thought was weird, Lee, he overcame the fear of being her friend and now they’re a cute couple. Along with Wesley, the big scary kid. You learn that he isn’t as bad as you think, and ends up being a good friend to Scott. I was happy that he found the friends that he needed, even if it was only two of them.

What I Didn’t Like:

Not Attention Grabbing.
at times. There were only a few certain times that I was so captivated that I had to react or keep reading until the problem was solved. Other times, it felt too normal and close to real life or repetitive to love. The big kids kept stealing his money. He turned away before a conversation could spark with Lee. It was all the same-old same-old on a different day.

Not Like Reality.
I’m currently a freshmen, going slightly through the same footsteps as Scott. Not once has a senior stolen my lunch money, pushed me into a wall for no reason, or cursed at me. Upperclassmen actually don’t care about us. Why do movies and books portray life like that? Yeah I get it, suspense and some action but why couldn’t it be between the freshmen themselves? That is what really happens. It should just be a little more realistic.

Overall Thoughts:

It was not close to the reality that I’m living but it was a cute story about overcoming fears and losing friends and making new ones and getting out there and general high school drama and I liked it.


3.5/5 stars. 7/10 stars.

Favorite Quote(s):

“‘You quivering sack of viscous fluids.'” (Scott) -Page 44

“‘I hated to close the book and admit that it was finished. I wanted to spend more time with Scoutt and Dill and Atticus Finch.'” (Scott) -Page 59

“‘Ninety percent of everything is crap.'” (Lee) -Page 147


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